Some various modern-day Christian translations for King James’ version of the Holy Bible do nothing more prominently than elegantly portray a false illusion of hypocrisy and spiritual deception to its followers.  Pastors or church leaders who deliver their message as an ultimate truth while decreeing any differentiation as an abomination, those who preach the gospel in order to reap social or economical fortune, and historical/ logical facts that most modern day church-goers are unaware of all add poison to the drink which they swallow desperately in attempt to vanquish the thirst for spiritual knowledge that they desire, although not every sect of Christianity is hindered by such heresy. Fundamental problems that I view exist within the structure of most orders of Church Rule have helped lead to these seemingly ungodly issues. However, the fault lies in the hands of men and not the word of God for unnecessarily creating them.

It happens to be truth that certain Hebrew words, when translated into the English language, don’t crossover exactly verbatim as how they were intended to be read in the original document. As you could imagine, this would lead one to believe that certain passages in the Bible could be interpreted in multiple different ways, depending on which word was used as an English substitute. So for



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